Research FAQ

Where is PRIME Located?

Prime is located within BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. For directions check out our Directions page.

What are the hours of operation?

PRIME is available for use from 7:30am-5:30pm on Monday-Friday.

What Ultrasound Imaging Systems is PRIME equipped with?

PRIME is equipped with the following Ultrasound Imaging Systems:

  • 2 – GE Voluson E10 BT 21
  • 2 – Phillips Epiq Elite
  • 2 – Lumify Remote Scanning Systems
  • Ultrasonix Sonixtouch Q+ with GPS

What are the fees associated with the use of PRIME?

The fees vary depending on the equipment and space you will be using for your research. For more information on specific fees, please visit our rates page or contact

Where can I get help with my protocol proposal form?

Please contact and the PRIME Research Coordinator will be able to assist you with any questions you have regarding the protocol proposal form.

Where can I get help with budgeting and grant applications?

The Research and Development Office (RTDO) is available to support BC Children & Women’s Hospital Research Institutes affiliated trainees and researchers. RTDO facilitators work alongside investigators and research teams to assist and advise investigators in the articulation of research ideas, development of competitive funding proposals, and in knowledge exchange by focusing on the quality of science and health research.

I’m interested in using one of the Ultrasound Simulators for training purposes, what is the process?

The Ultrasound Simulators are available for both students and professionals for training purposes. Prior to use, individuals will undergo an orientation session with the PRIME Sonographer Consultant. Please contact to inquire about the use of our Ultrasound Simulators and to receive a rate agreement.

Please note, we require a minimum 7-day notice for simulator training & orientation session and 3-day notice for independent practice sessions. When less than the minimum notice is given, you will be charged for the time.

Are the rooms in PRIME available for booking?

Yes! PRIME is equipped with 4-scanning rooms, a simulation suite, a collaboration room, private venipuncture room, consent rooms, dry lab, an RA drop-down space connected to the main Ultrasound department, soiled utility room, as well as a private waiting area. Many of our equipment fees include the use of one or more rooms.

If you are interested in booking PRIME space please contact