Ultrasound Simulation

Ultrasound simulators provide a non-judgmental training platform for skill development.  Users can take the time to observe and understand the result of every hand movement.  Ultrasound simulators help to accelerate the orientation and understanding of the three dimensional object that is only visible as a two dimensional slice in standard 2D ultrasound.  PRIME has two ultrasound simulators, the CAE Vimedix and the Intelligent Ultrasound ScanTrainer.

CAE Vimedix Ultrasound Simulator

Our first simulator is the CAE Vimedix ultrasound simulator.  It is a mannequin based system that features an interface with an Augmented Reality display, an ultrasound display and multiple features that allow the user to perform various functions and adjust settings.
Users can gain proficiency in the following skills:
• Image optimization and acquisition 
• Assessment of normal and abnormal fetal anatomy 
• Determination of gestational age and fetal growth 
• Evaluation of maternal pelvic anatomy 
• Performance of endovaginal and transabdominal ultrasound examinations 

screenshot from the screen of an ultrasound simulator
Neuro screenshot from the CAE Vimedex Ultrasound Simulator.

Intelligent Ultrasound ScanTrainer

screenshot of ultrasound simulator
Screenshot of the Intelligent Ultrasound ScanTrainer in use.

Our newest simulator is the Intelligent Ultrasound ScanTrainer compact. It is a self-learning haptic based ultrasound skills simulator. Users learn, step-by-step, how to do an ultrasound scan with full anatomy real patient scans that replicate what a user would see on a real ultrasound machine complete with multiple planes. An interactive virtual tutor provides real-time on-screen guidance for measurement techniques and identifying anatomical structures. It provides users with feedback on scanning abilities, by analysis of image quality, accuracy, and efficiency of scanning.

ScanTrainer compact provides remote access for tutors to monitor user progress. Users can upload their own scans for use in their own research or training programs. PRIME currently has a subscription to the ScanTrainer cloud library which contains approximately 1000 real patient ultrasound cases, including examples of abnormal scans that the user can scan through to experience the real feel of hands-on scanning.

PRIME Ultrasound Simulators in Action