Rooms and Resources

The PRIME facility was newly-built in 2019, and includes the following rooms and resources that are available for booking and use. Some PRIME space is included in the cost of the equipment usage, and we offer discounted rates for the use of multiple rooms. For more information on rates and availability, or general space inquiries, please contact

Imaging Suites

The PRIME facility includes four newly renovated imaging suites.

Each imaging suite comes with an Ibiom Echo-flex 4800 scanning bed with a 4 inch mattress, quadruple hand control, Trendelenburg positioning , IV pole, paper dispenser, central lock, stirrups and customized ergonomic OB openings for EV and TA scanning.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems – PACS

PRIME is equipped with secure DICOM image storage on the BCCHR research PACS and the BCWH clinical ultrasound Siemens Syngo PACS.

Collaboration Room

The PRIME Collaboration room is a multi-use space for training, research review, meetings, and collaboration sessions.

The room includes with two large tables and eight chairs that can be rearranged to suit your space needs.

The collaboration room is equipped with AVI SPL audiovisual equipment providing two-way communication between the imaging suites and the collaboration room. Scans from the ultrasound imaging systems can be viewed in real time on the collaboration room screens; additionally, suite 1 is equipped with a hand camera and microphone for real-time training and observation of scans.

There is a double-monitor PHSA networked computer available for use, with access to the BCWH Siemens Syngo PACS, and the option to mirror your desktop to the large screen in the room.

Venipuncture Room

The venipuncture and specimen collection room within PRIME is equipped with a phlebotomy chair, BMI scale lockable cabinets, counter space, and a sink.

The venipuncture room can be converted into an HCI pod (Human Computer Interaction).

Consent Room

PRIME has a dedicated private room for consenting and counseling. The consent room includes a table, four chairs, and a BCWH phone.

Dry Lab

Within PRIME is a dry lab with workstation resources and BCCHR/PHSA connectivity. The dry lab is directly adjacent to imaging suites 2 & 3, as well as the collaboration room.

Soiled Utility Room

PRIME is equipped with its own soiled utility room with a GUS disinfection soak station and a Trophon EPR for High Level Disinfection (HLD) for endovaginal and other ultrasound probes.

Additional Resources

In addition to the rooms and resources listed above, PRIME has direct access to the main clinical ultrasound department including the clinical patient registration and clerical area at BCWH.

There is a dedicated PRIME research drop-down space for research associates, near the clerical and registration area in the main clinical ultrasound department.

Adjacent to the PRIME facility is the Skidmore Goodman Wet Lab, the first dedicated women’s health research wet lab in BC, with an array of additional resources for researchers.