Tour the PRIME Centre!

Click play now and join our thrilling video tour of the PRIME Centre! Take a glimpse into the rooms and facilities at the first Ultrasound and imaging research hub in British Columbia, where the narrative of possibility, progress, and innovation unfolds.

Simulation Suite at the PRIME Centre

Introducing the extraordinary Simulation Suite at the PRIME Centre! Join us today with PRIME’s Ultrasound and Equipment Specialist, as well as educator, Amanda Easton, who showcases PRIME’s remarkable CAE Vimedix and the Intelligent Ultrasound Scan trainer. These cutting-edge tools are revolutionizing perinatal research and training.

Amanda shares her insights on the importance of simulation education: It enhances practical skills, reduces learner anxiety, and boosts confidence. Ultrasound simulation, particularly, improves patient safety and refines diagnostic accuracy. Our PRIME simulation suite reflects our commitment to hands-on learning, bridging training gaps efficiently.